Sunday, November 13, 2011

Timorous, surely

For quite a while now I've been contemplating designing a signature line of fabric that we can use for Seams French. This seems like it would be a fairly straightforward undertaking; the mere mention brings to mind like a hundred different references all at once.

Since there's a ton of toile de jouey in the Seams French line, I thought how great would it be to put a contemporary spin on the pattern. Low and behold I came across the work of Timorous Beasties, a Glasgow-based design studio who beat me to it.

Having spent some time studying their work the task of creating a line of toile inspired fabric seems completely daunting, so to ease me into that head space I spent some time at the library making notes from books with a slightly broader scope then just French toile. Here's what I got:

I know the honorable thing here would be to cite my references, but today I'm throwing caution to the wind (in other words... I'm lazy) and not including them. These sketches are such vague chicken scratches I'd be surprised if anybody cared, but on the off chance you do let me know and I'll post the titles :)


  1. i love how you work. i know these are just notes, but they are beautiful. did you make notes on your tablet or on paper?