Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Garden path

I think it was when I moved to England that I began to appreciate a well-considered bit of greenery. Since then my genteel delight has taken on a rather greedy desire for more, bigger, better. It's lucky then that my in-laws happen to be expert gardeners and happen to own some rather fertile land in a lush part of the world. Here are a few pictures that frankly do the real thing absolutely no justice.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Farm Life

The family farm located in the northern regions of the Philippines. It's the most fertile land I have ever seen. They grow absolutely everything there. My next post will feature some of the plant life.

Room with a view

Carlo and I just got back from the Philippines. We had to make a stop over in Manila, and we were happy to find the newly built Manila Marriott Hotel. It was a gorgeous resting spot, one which I'm sure we will stay at again, but it did not feel like an accurate reflection of the city itself. The city at large presents a very different experience, one we sadly did not have time for on this trip.